After eight staggering seasons of the smash hit, "Dancing with the Stars," and six seasons of, "So You Think You Can Dance," the ballroom dance industry has experienced an exciting increase in students nationwide. The profile of ballroom dancing in the public eye has increased tremendously especially since the television shows hit the air five years ago.

There has been an increase of new students who have started taking ballroom dance lessons, but there is still a void for people who have no partner or the funds to take private lessons.

Now there is "LaBlast" that still focuses on ballroom dancing, but is completely partner free. This is an amazingly fun, cardio workout. This workout includes all high energy Latin dances like the cha cha, salsa, jive, and also incorporates the quickstep, lindy hop and the popular disco. Every class includes at least three dances and not only does it get people into the best shape of their ever, it also increases their self esteem and outlook on life.

LaBlast started about 3 years ago and has become a "lifestyle" for many people, including celebrities and former celebrities from DWTS. The testimonials for the classes are phenomenal and the classes are growing larger each month proving the class genuinely works.

The demographic for the class is very broad, ranging from people who have never danced before, or perhaps haven't danced in years because they couldn't find a class to suit their needs. Women who are pregnant and new moms that just want to lose the baby weight can be found in attendance as well. Parents even bring their children to learn the skill of ballroom dancing and to encourage fitness. The age ranges between 10 and 75 years old. "LaBlast" is a ballroom dance workout that fulfills the desire of dance and fitness for any age and life style all while having fun!

LaBlast is the first in its kind to offer a full cardio plan for the people that want to increase their endurance, lose weight, and learn recognizable step patterns from DWTS. This opens door to the millions of DWTS fans and the class allows beginners to professional dancers to all share the floor. This truly is a workout that's totally fun while still learning the skill of ballroom dancing and getting all the benefits of visiting the gym.

LaBlast is easy enough to learn, and has enormous results in every way possible.

LaBlast can be offered at any part of the day every day of the week with an average of 20 to 30 people per class, and needs only one teacher per class. A full dance floor with one teacher only can make "LaBlast" highly lucrative and cost effective.

People want to look and feel great year round which is why "LaBlast" has shown to be very popular and effective. "LaBlast" can cater to shedding pounds from all the excessive holiday dinners, New Year's resolutions, getting summer ready, or just becoming a healthier individual all through dance...LaBlast!!